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Today, I am glad that our school can showcase a power cut free future", said Padmini, headmistress of Jalka Junior Zilla Parishad School.
Twelve hundred residents of Jalka village enthused by the reliable energy option in their village, voted for this energy by signing up on the poster prepared by the school children demanding complete solar energy in the village.
The majority of the project is currently being implemented, including the construction of the Pirmam road and tunnel, the Korey dual carriageway, roadwork in Shaqlawa and Mama Jalka, construction of the Bani Harir tunnel, and the stretch of the dual carriageway from Choman to Haji Omaran.
She continued to till her nine- acre land valiantly for three years until the Congress crown prince paid a visit to her village Jalka last year and redeemed her.
Patches Repairs To Jalka Shendola Salod Bu Dhotra Sherajgaon Mozari Road MDR-72 KM 0/00 To 15/400 Tq Teosa Distt Amravati
Balasore which borders Bengal was the worst hit as swelled up rivers like Subarnarekha, Baitarani and Jalka continue to pose danger.
Kate Jalka, project manager for the Environment Agency's Swat Fly-tipping scheme, said: "We have been running roadshows in schools to raise awareness about the dangers of fly-tipping.
In March this year, Greenpeace had set up solar panels powering fans and computers in the Zilla Parishad school and the secondary school in Kalavati's village Jalka (Maharashtra)- demonstrating that millions of Kalavati's across the country need not wait for years before they have access to clean and reliable energy.
Today, the local Korout Company initiated work on a project to tile and link the main road in Hiran district (20 km east of Shaqlawa) to the roads of Freez and Mama Jalka," the head of Arbil's Hiran district, Suwara Akram, told Aswat al-Iraq.
Ironically, Kalavati is now the richest person in her village of Jalka.