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GEM (growing equity mortgage)

Mortgage in which annual increases in monthly payments are used to reduce outstanding principal and to shorten the term of the loan.


In numismatics, a high quality coin. These coins may be valuable as collector's items, though they are illiquid assets. It may also refer to the beauty of the coin regardless of quality.

growing equity mortgage (GEM)

A home loan arrangement in which the payments are increased each year by a specific amount,with the additional money credited to additional principal reduction. As a result, the loan is paid in full earlier than the normal amortization period.The FHA-
insured GEM program is called a 245(a) loan.

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JEM spokesperson confirmed the defection of their two commanders and said his groups is not affected by this isolated move.
JWARN and JEM are DOD-accredited programs that can be used independently or as integrated capabilities with mission command systems.
JEM now offers multi-dimensional views into their data centers with floor and rack graphics that model data center dependency topologies for the physical, network and energy layers of their facilities.
Khartoum is insisting on trying to find a military solution to Darfur C* They keep sending column after column after us," JEM official al-Tahir al-Feki told Reuters.
Sudanese authorities have accused JEM of attacking and looting villages across Darfur in recent weeks.
JEM officials said the 'framework' agreement would include a list of areas to be fleshed out in negotiations, including compensation for Darfuris, humanitarian access and the broad topics of 'power sharing' and 'wealth sharing.
In late 2000, JEM expanded into the women's business through its affiliate Awake, Inc.
JEM also enables you to simulate energy-saving scenarios.
But further talks quickly stalled after JEM objected to Khartoum starting parallel talks with another rebel group.
Khartoum said JEM were trying to cover up plans for a new offensive in Darfur.
As crazy and haphazard as these evolved antenna designs look, they have nearly always worked as predicted by simulation from the first time they're built and tested," said Derek Linden, PhD, chief scientist for JEM Engineering, and one of the inventors of this patented technology.
The statement stated that these weapons were part of the arms obtained by JEM from the authorities of the Colonel Muamar Al-Gadafie of Libya.