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An entity that puts a financial asset in the marketplace.


An organization that registers, distributes, and sells a security on the primary market. An issuer can be a private company or a government. For example, if a company registers a stock with the SEC, makes arrangements to underwrite it, and keeps the proceeds from its sale, it is said to be the issuer of that stock.


An organization that is selling or has sold its securities to the public.


An issuer is a corporation, government, agency, or investment trust that sells securities, such as stocks and bonds, to investors. Issuers may sell the securities through an underwriter as part of a public offering or as a private placement.

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Unlike many other captive management companies, Liberty Mutual Management (Vermont) LLC has unique knowledge of the products offered by its affiliated policy issuing companies - an advantage which may enable brokers and clients to set up operations more easily.
Yotty, Chairman and CEO, PayStar Corporation, stated "We are ready to launch the program into several accounts nationally and expect rapid deployment by the card issuing companies.
In introducing the subdermal payment solution into the Latin America and European market, MRMG said it has already made initial contacts and plans to partner with credit issuing companies and health care providers to develop specific commercial applications, starting with a pilot program in South America possibly in the third quarter of 2004.
The actual exposure is subject to continuing litigation regarding coverage by the primary issuing companies, the outcome of which is uncertain at this time.
Through its issuing companies, Hartford Life offers a comprehensive portfolio of fixed and variable annuities, life insurance coverages, group benefits, group retirement plans, and institutional investment products.
Hartford Life and its affiliated issuing companies offers a comprehensive portfolio of fixed and variable annuities, life insurance coverages, mutual funds, employee benefits, group retirement plans and institutional investment products.
Thompson says, "In the spirit of full disclosure the SEC should be providing whatever commentary and guidance on the rule broadly to issuing companies and the investment community.