Investor relations

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Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.

Investor Relations

The department of a publicly-traded company that deals directly with shareholders and potential shareholders. The investor relations department answers questions, provides information, and generally serves as a direct link between shareholders and the company they partially own.
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25, 1998--In response to growing concerns about the ability of public company's Investor Relations departments, The Association for Investor Awareness (A.
With the new Shareholder Direct Dialog service, Investor Relations departments at nearly 200 public companies are better equipped than ever to respond to the growing demand for online investor information.
Provides Investor Relations Departments with a Complete,
We exist for the sole purpose of informing investors in regard to the aptitude of publicly traded company's Investor Relations departments," said Outreach Officer Jeffery Taylor.
In announcing these new clients, Direct Report founder and president Ronald Gruner noted &uot;Shareholder Direct continues to be implemented by some of the world's most progressive Investor Relations departments.
Joel has headed up Corporate Investor Relations departments for such companies as Interworld Corp.
IR Foundations(TM) is a managed service provider for the Investor Relations Departments of public and private companies.
com gives investor relations departments an opportunity to present a detailed picture of their company's history, vision, positioning, products and other relevant information to current and potential investors.
gov and from the each of the companies' Investor Relations departments.
Minneapolis- based Bulletin Boardroom is the first online service exclusively devoted to serving institutional investors, analysts, and investor relations departments.
Lyons joined GATX Corporation in 1997 and was promoted through the treasury and investor relations departments before being elected vice president, investor relations in 2002.
These two proxy statements are available free of charge from each of the companies' Investor Relations departments.

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