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As a discipline, the study of financial securities, such as stocks and bonds, from the investor's viewpoint.


The act of placing capital into a project or business with the intent of making a profit on the initial placing of capital. An investment may involve the extension of a loan or line of credit, which entitles one to repayment with interest, or it may involve buying an ownership stake in a business, with the hope that the business will become profitable. Investing may also involve buying a particular asset with the intent to resell it later for a higher price. Many types of investing exist, and each is subject to greater or lesser regulation in the jurisdiction in which it takes place. Legally, investing requires the existence and protection of individual property rights. Investing wisely requires a combination of astuteness, knowledge of the market, and timing.
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The investments, of course, are all above suspicion.
The reason I asked is that I have small investments to make myself from time to time, and my present broker is a rascal.
He was worth twenty millions, all of it in safe investments, and he had never done a tap of productive work in his life--inherited it all from his father and two uncles.
Even as articles of commerce and safe investments for money, they have now (as some disinterested collectors who dine at certain annual dinners I know of, can testify) distanced the old pictures in the race.
The oil income was swelling, swelling, and the number of sound investments limited, even more limited than it is now.
The devil goes on exacting compound interest to the last for his early share and numerous succeeding investments in them.
She learnt, to her horror, that Margaret, now of age, was taking her money out of the old safe investments and putting it into Foreign Things, which always smash.
Pullet was nervous about his investments, and did not see how a man could have any security for his money unless he turned it into land.
So Jo was satisfied with the investment of her prize money, and fell to work with a cheery spirit, bent on earning more of those delightful checks.
The question of investment was one that occupied her greatly.
He had a graceful and poetic way of making an investment for each new son and daughter that blessed their union.
Copperfield, to do the same; to regard it as an investment which is sure of return, and to make up his mind to any sacrifice.

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