Investment income

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Investment income

The revenue from a portfolio of invested assets.

Investment Income

The income one derives from capital gains, dividends, and other activities related to the purchase and sale of securities. This differs from wages and salary primarily in that one does not need to work for investment income. One can manage one's investments oneself, or one can hire a money manager to do it. Both individuals and companies can have investment income; indeed, a publicly-traded company must list its investment income on its balance sheet. Investment income is often taxed differently from other income. See also: Capital gains tax.

Investment income.

Investment income -- sometimes called unearned income -- is the money that you collect from your investments.

It may include stock dividends, mutual fund distributions, and interest from CDs, interest-bearing bank accounts, bonds, and other debt instruments. You may also have rental income from real estate or other assets you own for investment purposes.

Capital gains you realize from selling investments for more than you paid to acquire them may also be considered investment income. Your net investment income is what you have left over after you subtract your investment expenses, such as fees and commissions.

investment income

income which a company derives from TRADE INVESTMENTS rather than normal trading activities.
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direct investment income and financial transactions from an
To arrive at net investment income, investment income from these categories is reduced by investment expenses such as early-withdrawal penalties, interest expense, adviser fees, directly related rental and royalty expenses, and state and local taxes allocable to items included in investment income.
The balance on investment income declined about $2 billion last year, but the decline was more than offset by a temporary $6 billion reduction in net unilateral transfers abroad (table 1).
Endowment funds should be carefully reviewed to ascertain that (1) all donor-imposed conditions have been met, (2) any restrictions on investment income are respected and (3) any restrictions on investment gains are recognized.
37 from the quarter ended August 31, 2014 -- the increase in net investment income from $2.
Net investment income does not include "qualified dividends" (i.
Net investment income is the excess of a taxpayer's investment income over investment expenses.
Investment Income Receipts and Payments Net investment income remained at $3 billion in 1989.
Adam makes an interest-free loan of $10,000 to his son, Ben, who has $1,500 net investment income.
According to the regulations, excess passive investment income includes (with some special exceptions) gross receipts from royalties, rents, dividends, interest, annuities and gains from the sale or exchange of stock and securities.
For the three months ended December 31, 2014, the Fund had net investment income of $31,615,066 ($0.
This means, under the limits of tax code section 163(d), individuals may deduct only the loan interest to the extent of offsetting investment income that is generated by the stock.

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