Investment horizon

Investment horizon.

Your investment horizon is the point in time when you hope to achieve a particular investment goal. That horizon, sometimes called your time frame, may be fixed or flexible, depending on the nature of the goal and the investment decisions you take.

For example, paying for college is often a fixed goal because most students enroll the year they graduate from high school. Retirement may be a more flexible goal if you have the choice about when you will stop working.

The landscape can be more complicated if you have more than one investment goal, and therefore there's more than one horizon in the picture.

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This is why it is important that you form your club with like-minded individuals who have the same investment horizon," he adds.
We generally target an investment horizon of four to seven years but believed strongly in the potential of CFS to transform the business of clinical trials including site start-up and delivering payments around the world.
What is the ideal investment horizon for investing in hybrid funds?
The consortium, which will hold a 51-percent interest in GMAC, is committed to a long-term investment horizon through a five-year minimum hold period.
The adviser determines the client's goals and investment horizon and reviews his or her current holdings.
Therefore, we maintain our cautiously optimistic view and have a small equity overweight on a 12-month investment horizon.
These funds have a long-term investment horizon, and their liquidity is a function of the fund's investment strategy.
Also, assume a 5% rate of return and a 15-year investment horizon.
That is, the average beta of the first decile consistently decreases as the investment horizon is shortened from an annual horizon to a daily horizon (i.
The expectation is that funds placed under management will be core funds with minimal probability of liquidity needs over a planned investment horizon.
The fund's risk level is described as moderate with a recommended minimum investment horizon of two to three years.
We believe that investors in the Fund should have a long-term investment horizon of at least three years.