Investment company

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Investment company

A firm that that invests the funds of investors in securities appropriate for their stated investment objectives in return for a management fee. See also: Mutual fund.

Investment Company

A company that provides investment advisory services and/or operates mutual funds. An investment company that operates mutual funds allows its clients to carry greater or lesser risk, depending on their particular investment goals. The investment company may or may not actively manage mutual funds. Investment companies managing more than a certain amount of money must register with the SEC. See also: Asset management, Brokerage.

investment company

A firm in which investors pool their funds to allow for diversification and professional management. Because individual firms often specialize in particular types of investments, the potential returns and risks vary considerably among firms. Charges to investors—both to acquire shares in a firm and to pay management for operating the company—vary significantly from investment company to investment company. Also called management company. See also closed-end investment company, conduit theory, management fee, mutual fund, performance fee, regulated investment company.

Investment company.

An investment company is a firm that offers open-end funds, called mutual funds, closed-end funds, sometimes called investment trusts, or exchange traded funds to the public.

By describing a company offering the funds as an investment company, it's easier to distinguish the company from the funds that it offers.

For example, a single investment company might offer an aggressive-growth fund, a growth and income fund, a US Treasury bond fund, and a money market fund.

Or a closed-end investment company might offer an international fund focused on a single country, such as Ireland, or a region, such as Latin America.

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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) permitting investment by investment companies in excess of the limitations under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (1940 Act).
Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company is responsible for creating and coordinating financially sound property development opportunities that will generate sustainable and tangible socio-economic benefits.
We're excited about the establishment of this live-work-play environment in such a dynamic location in Richardson and we're confident that Post Properties, Skyrise Properties and Greenway Investment Company will be greatly successful in creating an environment for many to enjoy.
CLX has elected to be regulated as a Business Development Company pursuant to Section 54 of the Investment Company Act of 1940, and is pursuing a business plan wherein the company seeks to make investment in developing companies with the goal of providing return for its shareholders.
To sign up to receive information by e-mail directly from CLX Investment Company when new press releases, investor newsletters, SEC filings, or other information is disclosed, please visit http://www.
Mutual funds have been regulated directly by the Securities and Exchange Commission since passage of the Investment Company Act of 1940.
The objectives and policy considerations common to both provisions did not result, however, in uniform treatment of investment company status under those provisions.
For those entities that are investment companies under the SOP, the SOP also addresses the retention of that specialized industry accounting by a parent company in consolidation or by an investor that has the ability to exercise significant influence over the investment company and applies the equity method of accounting to its investment in the entity (referred to as an equity method investor).
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (the "1997 Act") has created a significant risk that the formation of such joint ventures could be taxable as a result of changes to the definition of an investment company.
Sovereign Investment Company, one of the largest and fastest growing private equity investors providing sale/leaseback capital, today announced it has completed a transaction worth $13.

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