normal investment practice

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Normal investment practice

The investment history of a customer, which is used as a benchmark to test the bona fide public offerings requirement of the allocation of a hot issue.

Normal Investment Practice

The strategies, securities, and other investment routines that a person or company usually conducts. For example, buying investment-grade bonds might be a normal investment practice for a risk-averse investor. Because normal investment practices are observable and often predictable, underwriters and investment advisers may use them to recommend securities to investors. However, FINRA prohibits underwriters from using normal investment practices when placing hot issues.

normal investment practice

The history of security purchases recorded in a customer account for purposes of allocating hot issues. The National Association of Securities Dealers prohibits underwriters from overallocating hot issues to customers based on the customers' normal investment practice.
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These barriers include government policies and investment practices.
The Arkansas Board of Finance is hiring a consultant to review the state's investment practices after legislative auditors said Treasurer Martha Shaffner's decision to sell bonds early cost the state thousands in potential earnings.
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A companion book, which covers the standard in greater detail, is The New Fiduciary Standard: The 27 Prudent Investment Practices for Financial Advisers, Trustees, and Plan Sponsors, by Tim Hatton, published in cooperation with the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies (Bloomberg Press, 2005) (both are available as a discounted set at www.
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This increased regulatory environment provides CPAs with an opportunity to advise small and midsize businesses about shoring up the fiduciary process, from advising on prudent investment practices to tax code compliance.
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Sound investment practices and policies are still as critically important as ever.
As the regulator of state-chartered member banks, some of whom have been the targets of such practices, the Board is aware of this possibility, and in 1988 the Board, along with the other bank regulatory agencies, adopted a policy statement regarding the selection of securities dealers and unsuitable investment practices.
Fiduciary360 (fi360) literally 'wrote the books' on fiduciary responsibility, defining the prudent investment practices for those who manage money for others.

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