investment philosophy

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Investment philosophy

The style and general ideology of investment practiced by an investor. Certain investors favor small-capitalization stocks, while others prefer large blue-chip stocks, for example.

Investment Philosophy

Basic standards and beliefs guiding one's investing practices. Factors influencing one's investment philosophy include risk tolerance, investment goals, and personal beliefs about what guides markets. Investment philosophies may vary widely from each other. For example, when investing in securities, one investor may use technical analysis, which utilizes statistical information exclusively, while another may use fundamental analysis, which uses both quantitative and qualitative information. It is also called an investment strategy. See also: Naive diversification, Markowitz Portfolio Theory.

investment philosophy

The investment ideology practiced by a professional money manager. For example, a portfolio manager may seek maximum capital gains at the expense of volatile and uncertain returns. An individual investor should choose a money manager with an investment philosophy that coincides with the individual's investment objectives.
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Endowment income is directly linked to our investment philosophy.
Accountants should examine every trust, sitdown with beneficiaries and review the whole investment philosophy.
The company is able to provide a low cost product because of excellent mortality experience, high persistency of its in- force business, low operating expenses, and a well executed total return investment philosophy.
We ought to select managers with an investment philosophy that is long term.
Additional details of this program, along with information on investment philosophy, management fees, and historical returns, are available by contacting Bristlecone Value Partners.
Meritage/Oppenheimer Real Estate Value Partners I, LP and Ivy Realty Fund I share a similar investment philosophy.
While not every club may adopt the same investment philosophy, most adhere to six simple NAIC principles: invest regularly, stay fully invested, reinvest all dividends and interest, diversify across industries, hold at least a dozen issues and, finally, focus on companies whose earnings and sales are growing faster than the overall economy.
We are committed to adhering to the Lindner value-oriented investment philosophy, which has made the Lindner funds outstanding performers during the past decade," said Eric Ryback.

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