investment history

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Investment history

The history of a member firm that establishes certain norms in respect of its investment practice.

Investment History

The transactions that a member firm or investor has conducted in the past, especially with a given broker-dealer. Investment history must be considered in making some decisions.

investment history

The past relationship between a broker-dealer and an investor. Rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers require a consideration of investment history in making judgments concerning the adequacy of an underwriter's performance in issuing securities. For example, sale of a hot issue to certain accounts generally must conform to the investment history of those accounts.
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I try to coach entrepreneurs and founders to research where the investors are, what their backgrounds are and to look at their past investment histories, specifically their investments in other companies in your space," says Kunz.
largest Shari'ah-compliant funds are all based in Saudi Arabia with established investment histories and a distinct concentration in trade finance assets.
Using the massive notarial records collected in the city's Tabellionage, as well as other supplemental sources, she has carefully reconstructed the investment histories of 144 Rouennais overseas merchants, their place in the urban community, and their general strategies of familiar advancement.