Investment agreement

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Investment agreement

A contract specifying the rights and responsibilities of a host government and a corporation in the structure and operation of an investment project.

Investment Agreement

A contract stating the rights and responsibilities of two parties to an investment. Parties could be two partners, a client and an investment adviser, or a company and a government, among others. The investment agreements sets forth the parameters of the investment; for example, it includes what money, if any, one party must pay to the other and the goods or services each must provide or produce.
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Qatar and India have a number of bilateral trade and investment agreements, including an agreement on economic and technical co-operation signed on 19 April 1984 in New Delhi and the agreement on the protection and promotion of mutual investments, signed on 7 April 1999 in the Indian capital city.
Acting as the transaction advisor, the regional lender has facilitated in the formation of TPCL, as well as Turkmengazs selection as the head of the consortium, and settlement of the Shareholders and Investment Agreements.
In the latter role, ADB helped establish TPCL, select Turkmengaz as consortium leader, and finalize the Shareholders and Investment Agreements.
GENEVA, Spet 17 (KUNA) -- United Nations (UN) Independent Expert Alfred de Zayas on Thursday urged the UN system and Governments across the world to radically reform the international investment regime by putting an end to free trade and investment agreements that conflict with human rights treaty obligations.
The meeting covered future plans to grow the UAE's network of double taxation avoidance as well as protection and promotion of investment agreements with several UAE trading partners, in order to support growth and investment in the country.
The papers offer practical and theoretical perspectives on the topic of preferential trade and investment agreements and their impact on international investment law and international investment relations.
Following the rights offering and the Investment Agreements, EXCO has 272,820,969 shares of its common stock outstanding.
They cover dispute settlement in future investment agreements, current investment agreement developments, the role of member states in negotiating and concluding investment agreements, and whether investment insurance systems are still the business of a member state.
The Council has given its green light to the start of negotiations with Canada, India and Singapore on comprehensive investment agreements.
Summary: Two investment agreements for the construction of a leisure park ''Dounya" and a five stars hotel for a total of $ 5.
The protection of investors has to remain the first priority of investment agreements.
MANAMA: A training workshop on the negotiations involved in bilateral investment agreements began in Bahrain yesterday.

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