Brokerage account

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Brokerage Account

Money given to a broker or brokerage for investment purposes. One manages one's brokerage account differently according to the type of brokerage; that is, one may meet with a broker, call on the telephone, or give orders over the Internet. Brokerage accounts are divided into two main categories: advisory accounts and discretionary accounts. Brokers are only allowed to conduct transactions on advisory accounts on the specific orders of the account holder, or under very specific instructions. On the other hand, brokers have a great deal more leeway over discretionary accounts, conducting transactions not prohibited by the account holder in accordance with the holder's investment goals and the prudent man rule.

Brokerage account.

To buy and sell securities through a broker-dealer or other financial services firm, you establish an account, generally known as a brokerage account, with that firm.

In a full-service brokerage firm, a registered representative or account executive handles your buy and sell instructions and often provides investment advice.

If your account is with a discount firm, you are more likely to give your orders to the person who answers the telephone when you call.

And if your account is with an online firm, you give orders and get confirmations electronically.

In all three cases, the firm provides updated information on your investment activity and portfolio value, and handles the required paperwork. And in some cases, your brokerage account may be part of a larger package of financial services known as an asset management account.

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The guarantee scheme would further extend to monetary funds and securities in respect of which receivables arise for the broker (the broker-appointed manager) or the insured person as a result of the broker's (the broker-appointed manager's) transactions in accordance with a brokerage agreement (trust agreement) providing for an individual investment account.
The apex bank is preparing an executive order that could curb the transactions from individual investment accounts on foreign markets and deposits.
The CBB's Governor, Rashid Al-Miraj, issued a resolution for formation of the Board in charge of Protection of Deposits and Investment Accounts, whose members are appointed for a renewable 3-year tenure.
New applications for NS&I's Investment Account will cease from November 28 and the account will become postal only in May 2012.
This simple comparison, which ignores taxes for the sake of simplicity, looks at a 65-year-old male who is purchasing a SPIA versus a 65-year-old male who keeps the money in a fixed investment account.
But it also suggests that government regulation of investment accounts does not necessarily mean nationalization--even after a couple decades pass.
The plan would allow workers younger than 55 to divert up to a third of their Social Security taxes into private investment accounts in exchange for lower guaranteed benefits.
investment account in the name of Overton's mother, Susan Huey.
Sweep accounts, including the automated repurchase investment account and the euro investment sweep, are attractive investment alternatives for a growing number of businesses that want to maximize earnings on excess available balances without taking on substantial risk.
The West Bromwich Building Society has changed the way it operates one of its high value investment accounts after a complaint from a member.
The new products offer six investment accounts and a variety of options and riders.
If those premiums are placed into investment accounts that earn 10% per year, before policy expenses when he retires at 65 (a possible outcome), the policy's cash value will be in excess of $400,000.