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In the BCG growth share matrix, the quadrant representing companies, especially subsidies, that require minimal cash injections but have low market shares, and therefore usually operate with little or no profit. These companies usually exist in mature industries with well established but not very profitable markets, products, or brands. Some analysts recommend selling dogs, as they have little potential for growth; however, because they require little capital to operate, they may be useful and may perhaps produce an earnings surprise. See also: Marketing, Portfolio analysis.


Slang for an undesirable property.

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The Dragons doubled their lead through Inu, who jumped highest to take Carney's clever kick.
Inu also alleged that Pakistans intelligence service had encouraged and supported growth of radical forces and terror groups in Bangladesh, putting security of the region at peril.
Minister for IT, Sharam Khan Tarakey, appreciated INU for initiating the
Dragons: G Rhys Jones; T Prydie, T Morgan (A Hewitt 54-65), J Dixon, H Amos, D Jones (A O'Brien 69), J Evans (L Jones 69); P Price, E Dee (R Thomas 44), B Harris, J Thomas (C Hill 65), R Landman (capt, I Gough 77), L Evans, T Faletau, N Cudd Stade Francais: P Williams; T Cazedepats, G Doumayrou (capt, V Mallet 69), K Inu, D Ioane; M Steyn, J Dupuy (J Tomas 69); R Frou (S Chellat 51-77), Z Zhvania (R Bonfils 65), D Kubriashvili (Z Taulafo ht), P Gabrillagues, J Cruz Guillemain (J Nibert 61), M Ugena, N Garrault (R Lakafia 69), M De Giovanni
Stade replied through Inu but that was about the sum of their attacking effort before the break as some of their players looked as pink as their jerseys in the cold conditions.
STADE FRANCAIS: P Williams, J Sinzelle, G Doumayrou, K Inu (J Tomas, 67), D Camara (J Danty, 52), M Steyn, J Fillol; Z Taulafo (S Chellat, 67), M Bonfils (Z Zhvania, 75), D Kubriashvili, H Pyle, G Mostert (P Gabrillagues, 63), J Ross, P Rabadan (captain, M Ugena, 63), R Lakafia.
Compare, for example, these very different-sounding words for 'dog': inu in Japanese, chien in French, dog in English.
Police is yet to say why they detained BNP leaders but Information Minister, Hassanul Haq Inu, told media: "We were forced to take the tougher stand in an extraordinary situation to protect the nation from acts of anarchy, the people are getting killed.
So when you pack the INU for shipment, make sure you use its reusable shipping container, NSN 8145-01502-2474.
Labour Law Minster of Information Hasanul Haqu Inu, while speaking to the press, said that Oman is concerned about Bangladeshi workers in the country, while noting that the Omani Labour Law guarantees the rights to foreign workers, as well as their sponsors.
Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu told a group of visiting foreign journalists here that some of these refugees, who were trained in militancy, have been sent to countries such as the UK, India and to some Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia for various purposes.
Photos released by RIA Novosti on Wednesday show Putin playing with Buffy and his Japanese Akita Inu dog, Yume, on a snowy day outside the Presidentas Novo-Ogaryovo residence.