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H2: GRM will produce fitter model in estimating statistical parameters than CTT when an interval scale is employed in the research.
Thirdly, GRM produces fitter model than CTT in estimating statistical parameters of an interval scale data when SEM is employed and sample size is sufficiently large.
Comparing respondents requires Different scales can be placed on parallel scales a common metric Summed scores are on ordinal Scores on interval scale scale Table 2 One-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality test Job Organisational Managerial Description satisfaction commitment performance N 113 113 113 Normal Mean 4.
Based on the a small scope research conducted in Indonesia, four different sample sizes of 113, 226, 339 and 452 observations were generated based on four point interval scales ranging from 1 = never to 4 = always.
There now is a method that can be used on interval and exponential relationships to produce interval scale values.
Because the LPC method can be manipulated by addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the LPC analytic method can produce interval scale values for all exponential and interval data.
Because the technical efficiencies of DMUs A and D are a constant of 1, their interval scale efficiencies are the same as their respective interval overall efficiencies.
B], one cannot define the interval scale efficiency directly as the ratio of the interval overall efficiency to the interval technical efficiency.
This property of an interior-point solution causes the major difficulty in devising a solution method for calculating the interval scale efficiency.
Such constancy of intervals is a typical feature of interval scales, and it requires transformations to be of the form f(x) = [Alpha]x + [Beta].