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Letters used to identify companies on the consolidated tape and other locations.

Ticker Symbol

A series of letters, often an abbreviation, that represents a stock, option, mutual fund, or other security that trades on an exchange. A ticker symbol allows securities to be listed on an exchange's overhead board conveniently and provides a useful reference for traders and investors. NASDAQ ticker symbols have four letters, while those on the NYSE have no more than three. Mutual fund ticker symbols sometimes include numbers. Examples of ticker symbols include F, for Ford, and MSFT, for Microsoft.
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Created by Jewish-British sculptor Benno Elkan and considered one of Israel= 's most recognizable international symbols, the Menorah was given to Israel= by the British parliament in the 1950s and has been standing in Jerusalem'= s Rose Garden since 1966.
An international symbol could increase public awareness of breastfeeding and provide an alternative image to the image of a baby bottle currently used to designate baby friendly areas in public.
He continued his interest in the development of symbols, especially international symbols, and wrote several articles on the subject.

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