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Rules of customary international law may also fill gaps in treaties and assist in their interpretation.
The international law relating to treaties--how they become binding, how they terminate, how they are to be interpreted, etc.
Besides the fact that The Cambridge Companion to International Law includes a wide set of contemporary international law elements, a shortcoming of the book is that certain domains of the international law, such as dispute settlement and international environment law, have been neglected.
In the corporate context, the question is whether there is a relevant difference between natural persons and juridical persons, such that state practice applying a particular norm to natural persons would not establish a rule of customary international law binding juridical persons.
30) Significantly, both countries provide that, as a general matter, criminal law prohibitions apply to corporations as well as to natural persons, (31) and neither the Netherlands nor the United Kingdom has exempted corporations from their statutes criminalizing violations of these fundamental norms of customary international law.
In so far as international dispute resolution is concerned, the author explores various facets of the subject, their common thread being that international courts and tribunals make an overall positive contribution to the development of international law and the promotion of international peace and security.
The Subpart that follows entitled "International Law and Diplomacy"--makes the present book stand out from the international law literature.
Ruth Wedgwood, president, American Branch, International Law Association
Afternoon #3B Crisis in the Courtrooms: International Law and Domestic Litigation Moderator/panelist: Prof.
President through treaties--can incorporate international law into the

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