International Banking Facility

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International Banking Facility (IBF)

A branch that an American bank establishes in the United States to do Eurocurrency business.

International Banking Facility

A bank or other financial institution that makes loans and accepts deposits for foreign clients. IBFs are not subject to the same reserve requirements or interest rate restrictions as banks providing services for domestic clients. This allows them to be competitive with banks in foreign countries. See also: Eurodollar.
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commercial banks, of which more than 25 percent are owned by foreign banks; and international banking facilities, The data exclude Edge Act and agreement corporations; U.
Banks and financial institutions from Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf states have opened up international banking facilities and branches in cities such as Aleppo and Latakia as well as Damascus.
To his credit, he does give some good, hard details on the offshore branches in the Bahamas, which since the advent of International Banking Facilities in the U.
Union Bank of California, with 18 international banking facilities, has the largest correspondent bank network in India.
This area is characterised by an abundance of clean water, a well developed infrastructure of roads and electrical systems, proximity to hatcheries, an experienced low cost labour force, international banking facilities, ocean shipping facilities, international airline access and export / inspection agencies.
1 billion in 1982, which included the initial establishment of International Banking Facilities (IBF's).
government agency bonds also have grown rapidly, as have liabilities of banks in the United States to foreigners; growth of the latter was spurred by regulatory changes in late 1981 that permitted the creation of international banking facilities.
Grundy fails to mention that international banking facilities available in the Isle of Man are limited, compared to those in many other tax havens such as the Channel Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas.

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