interest adjustment

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Interest Adjustment

In an adjustable-rate mortgage or other debt, a change in the interest rate that the borrower must pay on the mortgage or debt. The adjustment may be upward or downward, and is usually calculated as some percentage above or below a stated benchmark rate. See also: Adjustment frequency, Interest rate risk.

interest adjustment

Extra proceeds going to an investor who submits a convertible bond for conversion to account for interest accrued since the last date of record for an interest payment. Also called adjustment.
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Non-IFRS Net loss: Excluding the non-cash items of stock-based compensation, the non-cash impact of convertible debt amendments and effective interest adjustments related to the convertible debt and other financings, non-IFRS net loss was $5.
Excluding the non-cash items of stock-based compensation and the fair-value (in 2016) and effective interest adjustments related to the convertible debt and other financings, non-IFRS net loss was USD 4.
The price is also subject to cash/debt and interest adjustments.
The CB which said it would gradually reduce over-funding of the market and make technical interest adjustments in order to preserve the liquidity management flexibility, announced that it would roll back the TL measures in two stages.
Fractional interest adjustments should not be limited to undivided interests in real property but should be considered any time a fractional interest is held in any type of property.
Therefore, the first level of consistency of prejudgment interest adjustments is primarily limited to the considerations in Table 1.
Inflation and interest adjustments accounted for most of the savings but a finance committee for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee also cut transportation for the media and ``Olympic family'' by $3.
Second, treating anticipated and unanticipated inflation differently would unnecessarily increase complexity by requiring both annual interest adjustments and cumulative basis adjustments upon realization.
These contracts have limitations and restrictions, including possible withdrawal charges, recapture charges and excess interest adjustments.
06bn to be made on 30 November 2010, subject to interest adjustments.
This product has limitations and restrictions, including withdrawal charges and excess interest adjustments (interest rate adjustments in New York) where applicable.
A large portion of the allocated funds must be held in reserve pending the resolution of objections seeking inflation or interest adjustments to claim amounts, as well as appeals to other settlements.

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