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Emerging Market Expansion for Leading Inter-Dealer Broker
The formation of this joint venture with CCT is another very important step towards our becoming the premier inter-dealer broker for the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
The number of market participants is in the thousands and rising, including inter-dealer brokers, dealers, banks, investment managers, hedge funds, pension funds and insurance companies.
The service allows dealers to trade GCF Repos throughout the day anonymously via inter-dealer brokers that clear and net their transactions through FICC.
DTCC's new service will not only automate the capture and dissemination of information required for underwriting new issues, but will also help underwriters and other market participants, such as inter-dealer brokers and securities traders, meet new regulatory reporting requirements to ensure transparency in the trading of newly issued municipal bonds.
WASHINGTON, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- North America's leading inter-dealer brokers announce today the launch of a new association to promote the quality and standards of the industry and a better understanding of the critical role played by wholesale brokers in the efficient functioning of financial markets.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- Leading inter-dealer brokers GFI Group (GFI), ICAP, and Tullett Prebon have announced that they intend to launch a common electronic check out service for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives.
Jointly developed by Bloomberg and the market maker community, the Bloomberg E-Bond platform provides electronic trading tools for the market's main players including primary dealers, specialist dealers and the country's top inter-dealer brokers (IDB).
Hilliard Farber was one of the first inter-dealer brokers to trade mortgage-backed securities, when it opened a mid-town Manhattan office in 1975.
In particular, BGC welcomes over 150 inter-dealer brokers to its growing team in NY, which it has vowed to restore after being devastated by the attacks of September 11, 2001.
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