Interbank market

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Interbank market

Financial institutions exchange of currencies between and among themselves.

Interbank Market

The market for the trade of currencies, loans, and other financial instruments between banks. See also: Fed Funds.
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Referring to the recent meeting of representatives of forex exchange companies and commercial banks with Federal Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, he said the minister had warned inter-bank market operators to be exercise their rationale and avoid forwarding booking of letters of credit (L/Cs) and unnecessary withholding of exports proceeds.
Add to this, the rising forex business and expanding foreign currency operations in the inter-bank market pushed the business up.
Sovereign Sukuk would help develop the inter-bank market as well as provide a basis for capital markets and for corporates to issue their own Sukuk.
KARACHI -- The US dollar rose 63 paisas in the inter-bank market on Monday after which it touched the Rs103.
He takes over at a time when the central bank is seeking to establish an inter-bank market for the first time in five years.
The African Export-Import Bank (Afrexim), gave Zimbabwe a $100 million loan to allow its central bank to set up an inter-bank market for the first time in 5 years that will allow the apex bank to influence interest rates.
Since the onset of the financial crisis in October 2008, FH has remained a net lender to the UAE inter-bank market and continues to maintain this position till date.
The cost of insuringUkraine's debt against default rose to a new one month high yesterday, andUkraine's central bankintervened for a fourth successive day, offering dollars on the inter-bank market to prevent a serious slide in the national currency, the hryvnia, from its peg at around 8 to the dollar.
Further, stakeholders in the Inter-bank market have also been consulted through the forum of Financial Markets Association of Pakistan (FMAP).
The authorities have launched a strategic plan for the regulation of the financial sector, extended the QR4bn-a-month programme of domestic debt issuance to bonds and sukuk with longer maturities and established the Qatar inter-bank offered rate in 2012 to develop a more liquid and transparent inter-bank market.
This global standard documentation is developed to be used in the Islamic inter-bank market between financial institutions in order to manage their liquidity requirements," said IIFM chief executive Ijlal Ahmed Alvi.
He reiterated that this welcome achievement by IIFM will spur the use of unrestricted Walakah in the Islamic inter-bank market and will encourage all the jurisdictions to implement this standard as well as address any accounting or regulatory requirements in their respective jurisdictions.

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