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In a race with the slowdown, they catch up their breath and slash key interest rates on inter-bank loans to improve lending to the private sector, support household consumption and increase spending.
Joes Luis Zapatero, Spain's prime minister, said that the government would cover up to 100bn euros in inter-bank loans, but stopped short of announcing a recapitalisation scheme.
By implementing preventive measures such as the guarantee of deposits, savings and inter-bank loans, the federal government has sent a clear message to investors emphasising the stability of the UAE's fin-ancial system, and alleviating any ill-founded concerns about the financial health of UAE banks.
It will also focus on finance leasing, taking fixed deposits of one year or more from shareholders, accepting leasing deposit from lessees, transferring rental receivables to commercial banks, issuing financial bonds upon approval, providing inter-bank loans, obtaining loans from financial institutions, obtaining foreign exchange loans from overseas, selling and disposing of residual value of leased items, economic consulting and any other business approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

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