Insurance premium

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Insurance premium

Payments calculated by the insurance company based on risk factors that must be made by the insured to guarantee protection of property loss under an insurance policy.

Insurance Premium

A payment that a policyholder makes, usually monthly, in order to be covered by an insurance policy.
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While fines and fees are one-time payments, DUI convictions also come with a recurring financial penalty: increased car insurance premiums.
It is expected that the gross insurance premium of the region will reach USD ~ million in 2015, registering a 6 year CAGR of ~% from USD ~ million in 2009.
But moving to London has finally forced her to give up because insurance premiums are too high.
Barry Gale would love to prosecute more cases, but he is only allowed to prosecute the cases in which an employer fraudulently lowered his insurance premiums, not the cases in which an employer neglected to buy insurance at all.
Additional Legislative Authority: 15 States and the District of Columbia will pursue additional legislative authority to create a more robust program for reviewing or requiring advanced approval of proposed health insurance premium increases to ensure that they are reasonable;
Figure 4-3: Health Insurance Premium (Billion SAR), 2007-2012
In Texas, before an insurance premium finance company can finance a policy insured through the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association, it must disclose to the insured (or prospective insured) the payment plan available through TAIPA.
Tom Bruno was an insurance premium away from handing his son the keys to a dark blue 1968 El Camino as a high school graduation gift.
Insurance premium rates are developed over practice area groupings, but the following factors are also considered in setting rates: (1) the firm's track record regarding claims history; (2) risk management protocols a firm has implemented to prevent claims reoccurrence; (3) the amount of work and revenues generated in total as well as in specific practice areas, for example, geotechnical and structural engineering services expose a firm to higher risk and therefore higher rates; (4) the types of projects undertaken; condominium projects were noted for higher risk profile; (5) the state in which the firm is operating; and (6) the continuing education history of the firm.
The report details the market size of all these countries and states that Israel was the largest market in the region for insurance premium, followed by Turkey and UAE.
In essence, this allows prepayment of the estate tax from current assets, for the cost of a life insurance premium.

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