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It is surely enough that you know the result of the instructions.
There can be no end gained," pleaded the lawyer -- "forgive me for saying so -there can really be no useful end gained by my showing you the instructions.
It's old man Challenger's show and we are here by his good will, so it would be rotten bad form if we didn't follow his instructions to the letter.
Isabel hastened to the door, eager to receive her instructions.
I gave the man his instructions to return to the place at which I had hired the carriage.
If you lay down, we got instructions to beat you up in the dressing rooms.
The contrast was still more striking as they stood together in the center of the ring receiving the referee's last instructions.
Highly creditable," he said, and took a note of his instructions on the spot.
Or leave the instructions on the table, and I will send for the nearest solicitor to complete them in your place.
I couldn't go on that way, sir, without instructions.
The Diamond and the sealed instructions went into his banker's strong-room, and the Colonel's letters, periodically reporting him a living man, were received and opened by our family lawyer, Mr.
The interest he took in the matter now, induced him to open the sealed instructions which had been deposited with the Diamond.