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An entrance or, in the context of real estate, the right to enter a property.


A way of entry.

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Although Ingres was a reluctant portraitist, he nevertheless accomplished some of his finest paintings in this genre.
With Datamatics, we are happy to welcome yet another strong market player into our partner community," said Bertram Mandel, head of global alliances, partners and managing director, Ingres Germany.
Roger Burkhardt, CEO of Ingres said: 'Government agencies are always looking for the best way to quickly deliver quality services for their citizens using advanced technologies, but they also have an obligation to taxpayers to drive down their IT procurement costs.
Satyam has built a practice around Ingres in its continued strategy to impart greater value to its customers.
Registered users can download Ingres r3 at http://ca.
One of the young painter's earliest important portraits was an immense full-length figure of Bonaparte as First Consul, in a nifty red velvet suit, completed in 1804 when Ingres was all of twenty-three.
Nonetheless, for more than six decades Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-- 1867) portrayed with unsurpassed precision and concentration some of the most powerful, creative, and wealthy personages of France.
As Ingres wrote in 1813, it was quite impossible for him to paint portraits quickly in order to earn a ready profit.
The RDBMS technology, developed by Ingres Corporation for its Ingres Version 6.
The combination of Ingres 10S and Quantum GIS will enable Pateric to build an underlying connectivity editing tool to visualize and manage the connected equipment model for switching applications that help prevent operating error, improve workflow and decrease outage times.
Open source database management company Ingres Corporation has announced it has signed a reseller agreement with Swiss system retailer SHS-Engineering AG for the distribution and support of Ingres solutions and services in the Swiss market.
Ingres Corporation, provider of open source database management software and support services, have launched the Ingres Partner Programme to empower and showcase partners achieving success using the open source business model.