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Information regarding the security ownership and other interests of RR Donnelley's and Moore Wallace's executive officers and directors is included in the Joint Management Information Circular and Proxy Statement.
An ordinary resolution approving a new rule to be enacted under the Company's stock option plan, and authorizing a related amendment to Pembina's incentive stock option plan, as set out in the Information Circular, was approved with an approximate 85 percent of votes cast in favour.
Because of TEI's substantial and continuing concerns about the proper application of the these provisions, we offer the following comments on the draft Information Circular.
As at the date of the Information Circular, there were 1,903,700 options outstanding, representing 3.
Management Information Circular (dated May 15, 2003), 12,736,517 common shares as at April 30, 2003;
TORONTO, March 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Manulife's Management Information Circular and 2014 Annual Report are being mailed to shareholders and are now available for download at manulife.
The transfer pricing changes in the Notice replace an earlier version released on September 11, 1997, accompanied by a draft of proposed Revenue Canada Information Circular 87-2R (the "Draft Circular," a revision of Revenue Canada's longstanding statement of its administrative practice in this area).
An information circular outlining in detail the terms of the Arrangement will be distributed to each group of shareholders for their approval at special meetings after Source has completed necessary regulatory filings with the SEC and the Arrangement has received initial court approval in Alberta.
The Information Circular will provide shareholders with information in this regard.
In a nonbinding Information Circular, Revenue Canada has expressed the view that taxpayers should follow the guidelines set out by the OECD in 1979 and 1984(5).
In connection with the proposed transaction, ATI has filed a management information circular with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities.
com/) the management information circular and 43-101 technical reports ("Acquisition Documents") related to the proposed acquisition of Cambrian Mining Plc (see May 20, 2009 press release).

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