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If it is assumed, that the absolute value of the first derivative [absolute value of [Delta]k/[Delta]T] of the isothermal crystallization rate constant k, containing the nucleation and growth rates according to the Avrami model, is merely of the same magnitude near the inflection points like [Delta][k.
8220;Whether an inflection point is driven by introduction of new technologies, or a change in the regulatory environment, or simply a change in what customers value, the survival of companies and even whole industries hinges on their ability to innovate successfully," Kahan said.
Look for Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success in March, 2013.
How are businesses and government reacting globally to identifiable inflection points and preparing for those inflection points that are currently unidentifiable?
ACON pursues a theme-based investment strategy by focusing on industries or businesses at key inflection points in their development and pursues these opportunities in close partnership with established management teams.
MDV's EIR program is part of an ongoing effort to collaborate with industry experts who have identified compelling technology inflection points and related business prospects, and it's in support of the firm's early stage strategy of seeding emerging technology companies.
Co-founder and CTO of ONI Systems and NSF Fellow and Data Mining Expert to Explore Technology Inflection Points and Pursue New Startups
Francisco Partners was founded to pursue structured investments in technology companies undergoing strategic, technological, and operational inflection points.
Inflection points (SMR = 100) in the inverse linear regression model.
Friede Goldman Halter is further informed that ACON typically utilizes a thematic investment approach to identify investments at times of inflection points and that ACON's investment philosophy is to identify opportunities in industries with attractive dynamics and to pursue those opportunities in partnership with established management teams.
These inflection points had two things in common: Each drove the market faster than the previous one and each was vendor driven, not user driven.