industry life cycle

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Industry Life Cycle

The period of time from the introduction of an industry to its decline and stagnation. Different analyses posit different stages of an industry life cycle (usually four to five), but all emphasize that an industry has a beginning, with technological innovation; a period of rapid growth; maturity and consolidation; and finally decline and possibly death. For example, in the video cassette recording (VCR) industry, the mid-1970s were a period of decentralized technological innovation, with VHS and Betamax formats vying for dominance. Later, video cassettes very quickly became a common household item. In the maturity phase, different companies selling VCRs attempted to corner a greater market share for their own (identical) versions of the product. Finally, the industry declined and was eventually supplanted by DVD players. An industry life cycle can be prolonged by several factors, including opening new markets to the product, finding new uses for the same product, or even attaining government subsidies. The concept of an industry life cycles applies most readily to the sale of goods and it is difficult to gauge how it works in a service economy.

industry life cycle

The stages of evolution through which an industry progresses as it moves from conception to stabilization and stagnation. The stage in which a particular industry (and thus, a firm within the industry) currently exists plays a major role in the way investors view its future.
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These outcomes are supporting the economy by accelerating industrial growth, feeding into the industry lifecycle that encompasses the need for more skilled NDT workers and new technologies as well as advancements in current technologies and structural integrity, according to Dunhill.
The allowance, which was first announced in Autumn Statement, is a single, basin-wide capital expenditure linked investment allowance, designed to reward investment at all stages in the industry lifecycle.
Thousands of BP people are employed here, with work spanning the entire industry lifecycle - from accessing new licences and exploration, production, processing and transportation.
It also evaluates the market through various models such as the Porter's five forces model, and analyzes the market's value chain, and industry lifecycle.
The newer formats that includes age management therapies and nutraceuticals are still in the early phases of industry lifecycle.
3 Development history I-2 Governmental policies related to PGR Industry I-3 Industry lifecycle identification I-4 Analysis of Barriers of industrial entry and withdrawal I-5 Comprehensive economic benefit analysis
The low voltage switchgear market in Asia Pacific is presently in the growth stage in the industry lifecycle, driven by strong demand from commercial and residential building development in Southeast Asia.
This library includes lifecycle information models as well as software interface tools for process industry lifecycle information integration.
Since its creation, Bidcom has been committed to leveraging the power of the Internet to bring predictability and profitability to every player in the building industry lifecycle.
We welcome the leadership, experience and talent that Bruce and Ravi bring and look forward to working together to combine and continue to expand our technology bases with new approaches to industry lifecycle problems.

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