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Kirklees planning officers' report: "The fact that the residential development would help facilitate development of the business and industry allocation, with the opportunity for employment use to be delivered on the balance of the allocation, and for the economic benefits that this would bring to be realised, also weighs in favour of the development proposed.
Sowerby Bridge: 840 new homes, small scale office development for 60 jobs and industry allocation for 130 jobs.
With almost zero overlap in holdings vs the current ETF offerings and a meaningfully different industry allocation, our fund attempts to provide exposure to some of the fastest growing companies in one of the world's fastest growing economies.
The industry allocation uses MSCI's industry definitions for the convenience of comparison.
Driven by NMAA's reserve profile and member focus NMAA's investment strategy, includes a moderately higher than industry allocation to common stocks and a longer than average bond portfolio duration.
NEW YORK -- Correcting and Replacing: This release corrects the Fund's asset allocation to 'Senior Collateralized Loans' from 'High Yield' as previously identified, and corrects the Fund's industry allocation to 'Top Ten Industries' from 'Top Ten High Yield Industries' as previously identified.
0% > Total Number of Common Stocks: > 26 Total Number of Preferred Stocks: > 27 > Total Number of Securities: > 53 Total Number of Issuers: > 41 Industry Allocations (%) > > > Co Pr > To Office & Industrial > 15 .
0% Total Number of Common Stocks: 33 Total Number of Preferred Stocks: 32 Total Number of Securities: 65 Total Number of Issuers: 48 Industry Allocations > > > > > > Common Pref- > > Total Office & Industrial > > 17.