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Racial differences in savings outcomes in individual development accounts.
An Exploration into Individual Development Accounts as an Anti-Poverty Strategy.
Each committee examines one or two issues related to asset building, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Individual Development Accounts, financial literacy and predatory lending, to Dame a few.
Individual Development Accounts were also mentioned at an April 1990 DLC convention in New Orleans by Representative Mike Espy (D, MS).
Additionally, SCCU has a partnership with the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, which has helped the credit union with secondary capital, nonmember deposits, AmeriCorps Vista volunteers, individual development account programs, grants, advice and counseling, Wertz said.
Wall will also describe the city's efforts to match residents' savings through a local individual development account program.
On the contrary, when financial education is combined with access to bank savings accounts and Individual Development Account (IDA) programs, the EITC can become a powerful wealth accumulation tool for low-income families.
CASA of Oregon, $15,000 for individual development account program.
The IDEA program is directed at homebuyers who have been saving for the purchase of their first home through an Individual Development Account (IDA) or participating in their local housing authority's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) homeownership program.
The first member of an Iowa credit union to save for a home through an individual development account has closed on her first home.
Residents can take part in a matched savings program through the city's Individual Development Account (IDA) program.
Eligible clients are also referred lo the individual Development Account (IDA) Collaborative of Louisiana to participate in an asset-building IDA program.

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