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In Table 2, the current yield rates of select investments are listed, which may prove useful in narrowing the range of indicated yield rates.
EMC also initiated a dividend of 10 cents a share, for an indicated yield of 1.
The monotonic properties indicated yield strengths of the ferritic, ferritic-pearlitic and pearlitic irons decreased with increasing elongation; hardness, yield strength and tensile strength increased with decreasing ferrite content; ductility increased with increasing ferrite content; and the elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio were virtually identical for all tested conditions.
According to issue arrangers, the sukuk was sold at the lower end of an earlier indicated yield guidance, signalling healthy appetite for the emirate's latest debt market foray.
The price of debt bonds issued by Italy and Spain fell further, automatically pushing up the indicated yield, or rate, of the fixed interest attached to the instruments.
The S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index is weighted by indicated yield.
The index currently has 44 constituents, and an indicated yield of 6.
The S&P High Yield Dividend Aristocrat Index is weighted by indicated yield.
For example, a recent varietal test indicated yields across Washington of more than 2,400 pounds per acre.