Independent project

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Independent project

A project whose acceptance or rejection is independent of the acceptance or rejection of other projects.

Independent Project

A project that is not part of or dependent on any other project. Thus, the funding of an independent project does not depend on another project receiving funding first.
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Ryen helsehus and Lindeberg nursing homes are independent projects and acquisitions will occur separately.
Salt Lake City -- THE UTAH FILM COMMISSION announced that four independent projects were approved for state film incentives by the GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (GOED) board.
The private sector companies could avail opportunities to implement independent projects for power generation, water desalination, construction, operation or lease of power transmission lines, management of current facilities, or provision of services to customers, the report added.
Those include broadening the PCLP pipeline to include MPH and MSW students to conduct independent projects related to primary healthcare service delivery; exposing 300 scholars to primary health care in underserved communities in 14 cities and 32 health centers over four years; continue improving clinical and leadership skills of scholars; building the relationship between universities and partner sites; and improving training capacity and program implementation.
Away from Sue, her independent projects have seen her narrate Celebrity Driving School and pen two books: From Here to Maternity and Going Gaga.
This edition brings together 90 contemporary art galleries from 20 countries, half being international, featuring art initiatives, independent projects and publications along with art institutions in addition to exhibitions.
Evacuation of power generated by new independent projects may be another objective of the study.
Summary: DUBAI -- The British delegation accompanying Lord Michael Bear, Mayor of London, to the UAE has shown interest in Dubai's independent projects in desalinated water and electricity production, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) said on Tuesday.
It said it has been "working to develop independent projects to produce electricity and water since its foundation in 1998 with an average of one project a year.
The Germany-based automaker stated that independent projects are being pursued presently by both firms in Germany and Japan, which are being evaluated for market suitability.
Several independent projects have been made possible as a result of ProHD working closely with producers to manage their budgets.
He demands money for independent projects that will study Illyrian culture in these places and claims that the archeological excavations on Skopje's Kale are carried out silently.

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