incremental cash flows

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Incremental cash flows

Difference between the firm's cash flows with and without a project.

Incremental Cash Flows

The difference between a company's cash flow and its potential cash flow, should it undertake a certain project. That is, a company nets the potential cash flow from a project it is considering and subtracts its current cash flow in order to calculate the incremental cash flow. This is important in the risk analysis of a potential project; a negative incremental cash flow indicates that the project is likely not worth the risk. A positive incremental cash flow shows that, all other things being equal, the project may be beneficial for the company.

incremental cash flows

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Expects tax reform will provide incremental cash flow.
Growth Capex Funds invested in new assets which will result in incremental cash flow.
Phase W is expected to generate incremental cash flow of $265 million, extend mining by five years from 2020 to 2024, and sustain the operation's annual production at an average of approximately 341,000 oz through 2024, at an average cost of sales of $765/oz.
The company expects the incremental cash flow from the purchase to fund the existing two-rig program on the acquired acreage.
That is, Cash created per dollar of sales = Incremental cash from operations generated per dollar less incremental investment in net operating working capital per dollar of sales less incremental investment in long-term assets per dollar of sales less incremental cash flow to investors from financing per dollar of sales.
Amore premium price is placed on these brands because of the anticipated incremental cash flow associated with the brand.
After some workshops with the people in charge of the Production Department, as well as urgent meetings held by the Executive Committee, healthy steps were undertaken to solve the problem, mainly by purchasing new fixed assets that had not been included in the Incremental Cash Flow Model used by the Governance-Risk Staff Unit, at the beginning of the year, which explains the increase in the final provisions to fixed assets.
5m annually will provide the company with incremental cash flow for continued investment.
5 million per year in incremental cash flow, or approximately $0.
The third quarter results reflected positive incremental cash flow and earnings from the completion of the Westspur expansion project on our Saskatchewan crude oil system.
Subordinated/Mezzanine Debt Advantages Disadvantages Senior Debt Cheapest form of financing May not cover entire No loss of ownership financing need Interest is tax deductible Least amount of Most readily available operational flexibility source of capital Must be secured, potentially with a personal guarantee Subordinated/ Less (or zero) loss of More expensive than Mezzanine Debt ownership than equity senior debt Takes the form of equity Will restrict cash but is less expensive positions and may Involvement of mezzanine result in warrant financiers as objective positions counsel Financial disciplines Typically does not and controls imposed amortize, providing incremental cash flow.

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