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ClickSWITCH effectively reduces the number of inactive accounts, increases cross-selling opportunities and improves switch process efficiency.
According to the notification, mutual fund vendors are becoming proactive in identifying inactive accounts (accounts whereby neither the client or representative have contacted the vendor for a period of time) or accounts with returned mail.
96 million inactive accounts by end of quarter, despite the fact that only less than 1% of 2.
Some industry experts think this could be the result of a recent decision by the Reserve Bank of India that made it mandatory for banks to no longer impose penalties on inactive accounts that do not maintain a minimum balance.
2 billion accounts but this number also includes fake and inactive accounts.
Kirklees Council's Resources Scrutiny Panel has been working to tap into inactive accounts which the council is a named trustee of.
The telco giant explained that part of the big loss was the delisting of inactive accounts from its database and Vodafone implements a three-year turnaround strategy in a bid to improve the network's coverage, speed and reliability.
The newspaper added that the accounts held by politically exposed persons (PEPs) were never closed, nor could they unilaterally be shut down by the bank, concluding that what possibly happened was the common practice of winding down inactive accounts.
4 ( ANI ): Three free tolls can offer Twitter users some relief from managing their unruly list of accounts they are following, from deleting spam accounts to categorizing inactive accounts.
In conjunction with existing collection efforts, the new Deedback Solutions programs' proven contact procedures will breathe life into delinquent or inactive accounts.
A recent modification to rules would mean that the federal government would soon be in possession of cash held in inactive accounts.
Banks and building societies will make a number of attempts to trace the owners of inactive accounts, but if they continue to fail, they are filed as "lost" accounts.