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Prince S-- made the acquaintance of the general's family, and Adelaida, the second girl, made a great impression upon him.
I attended two lecture courses under him, and I have known him for two years; that is why I am anxious for your first impression.
It was hard under the circumstances, to form an opinion as to the handwriting; but I thought I could recognize the character of some of the doctor's letters, even in the blotted impression of them.
For the moment I could say nothing to her; the dreadful impression that I have tried to describe to you came back to me with the coming back of my life.
If I had not joined you when I did, you would have been examined and cross-examined about yourself and about me, and you would innocently have answered under the impression that you were speaking to a chance acquaintance.
Do they give fine variations of appearance and impression, such as delicate shiftings of light and shade and delicate tones of color?
However this be, certain it is that the accident operated very strongly on Sophia; and, indeed, after much enquiry into the matter, I am inclined to believe, that, at this very time, the charming Sophia made no less impression on the heart of Jones; to say truth, he had for some time become sensible of the irresistible power of her charms.
The man didn't have wings; he walked; but he walked on the gravel which left no impression of his tread.
But as regards simple ideas, he states that "every simple idea has a simple impression, which resembles it, and every simple impression a correspondent idea.
They must certainly make a great impression on you.
The impression I have derived from our correspondence does not, thank God, lead me to any such distressing conclusion as that.
Looking through that story lately I had the material impression of sitting under a large and expensive umbrella in the loud drumming of a heavy rain-shower.