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Andy McLaren "So should the organisers of the not balloted and therefore illegal strike come under investigation as well?
Unnecessarily burningfuel and delaying travelers' arrival at their destinations is of course only a forerunner to more illegal strike action ahead and over the festive season.
If private sector employees had joined in, it would have been declared an illegal strike, I'm sure.
This Bill also addresses the workers who feel pressured not to cross an illegal picket line by punishing unions who call an illegal strike.
Five of the drivers served jail terms after it was declared an illegal strike, while 29 others were deported without trial.
The main cause of the approximately 25,000 ounce decline in production during Q2 was the illegal strike at the Tarkwa and Damang mines in Ghana which was previously reported and subsequently resolved.
J said on Friday production at its South African operations where workers went on an illegal strike will not resume in the coming week on safety reasons.
COSATU was approached by the strike committee to engage with them to facilitate a return to work of the employees who are currently on the illegal strike," Amplats spokeswoman Mpumi Sithole (http://www.
The company has resolved to commence engagements with its recognised unions, namely, NUM, UASA, and NUMSA to explore options to facilitate the return of employees currently involved in illegal strike action, to work.
Meanwhile, workers at other mines remain on an illegal strike, as President Jacob Zuma again urged workers this week to return to work.
28 February 2012 Update on Illegal Strike in Rustenburg 24.
Management will review the situation on October 4 or the day on which this illegal strike is called off, whichever is earlier.