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135) Because New York recognizes criminal record identity theft as a crime at each level, the harsher punishment imposed on a repeat offender will likely work for punishing a criminal record identity thief as well.
Computerized information services may not safeguard the personal information adequately nor screen purchasers of computerized information appropriately, creating the opportunity for an identity thief to commit fraud.
For all you know, one of those new “friends” is an identity thief trying to steal your information.
Recovering from the damage done by an identity thief can be a long and arduous process.
Every medical procedure received and prescription filled by the identity thief becomes part of your medical history, which means you may not be able to obtain the life-saving treatment you need in an emergency medical situation.
healthcare providers maintain extensive patient files containing all the information an identity thief needs to wreak havoc in a consumer's life," said Bryan Thornton.
A MURDERED millionaire may have been killed by an identity thief who had stolen over pounds 10,000 from his bank account.
Notifying the DMV and canceling the deceased's driver's license so an identity thief cannot change the address and use the license to commit fraud.
A major focus of Drew's lawsuit is to require the credit industry to look at credit granting and reporting procedures and create a new "Medically Incapacitated Consumer" category to consider medical patients and elderly who would be unable to prove their innocence if attacked by an identity thief.
But an identity thief doesn't need to be a master hacker to get sensitive information.
But an identity thief does," said Peter Kavalauskas, President/CEO of Northeast Credit Union.
FBI statistics tell us that once an Identity Thief has your information, they use it an average of 30 times.