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Being accepted by Verizon as an ITL is a testament to ETL SEMKO's ability to perform high quality, independent product testing.
It uses a standard PIII processor, but ITL says it will probably be available on a high-end Silicon Graphics workstation.
For ITL Cosmos Group, our success strategy is clear.
ITL Cosmos Group is the first partner of Sharp in the region and it is a relationship that continues to grow with every passing year.
In recent years, ITL has focused on developing an RFID capability such that these service bureaus now offer RFID enabled labels in addition to the traditional variable data printed tickets.
It is, therefore, proposed to consolidate ITL and RJI into one single company through amalgamation," RJI and ITL said in the letter, dated May 23.
ITL has two plants in India and operates five units with local partners in South Africa, Argentina and Jordan.
We see our Service Level Agreement with ITL as a major step towards helping those families make the most of the opportunities available to them.
ITL general manager Nigel Harding (front left), JCB Transmissions managing director Steve Carrington (front right) and the ITL team
The growing demand for such products prompted ITL to move into this market.
ITL Cosmos Group on Monday released a coffee table book that commemorates the company's 60-year journey, since its establishment in 1953.