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International Stock Exchange of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland (ISE)

Organization that replaced the London Stock Exchange after its merger with the International Securities Regulatory Organization (ISRO).

International Securities Exchange

An exchange for options based in New York. Established in 2000, the International Securities Exchange lists options on a number of different investment vehicles, including stocks, indices, and ETFs. It also provides investors with tutorials on option strategies. In late 2008, the International Securities Exchange established a separate exchange for trading stocks.

Irish Stock Exchange

Also called the ISE. The only stock exchange in Ireland. Both stocks and bonds are traded on the ISE, which has been entirely electronic since 2000. It also has a special section for growth stocks. It was established in 1793, merged to form the London Stock Exchange in 1973, and became independent again in 1995.


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Heavy-duty hybrid electric drive system manufacturer ISE Corporation announced last week it has sold a $6.
San Diego, CA-based ISE Corporation recently announced that the City of Elk Grove, CA plans to purchase 17 Complete Coach Works (CCW) buses that use ISE's hybrid electric drive systems.