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We are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of the IPAD to networkMCI Fund customers.
Additional risks and uncertainties which may affect forward-looking statements about the Company's IPAD business and prospects include the possibility that a competitor will develop a more comprehensive or less expensive IPAD solution, delays in market awareness of eSoft and its products, possible delays in eSoft's marketing strategy, which could have an immediate and material adverse effect by placing eSoft behind its competitors.
The eVAR program gives our all-important channel partners the means to easily provide those businesses with the tangible benefits of our all-in-one Internet connectivity solutions, and rapidly catalyze demand for IPAD in this wide-open market.
As part of the eStar package, IBM (NYSE: IBM) Global Services provides IPAD system integration, product support and maintenance, and Transamerica Distribution Finance Corp.
The IPAD offers so many features from domain naming to a certified firewall that we were convinced we had to deliver this product to our client base.
eSoft's IPAD allows us to offer our client base an easy, cost-effective connectivity and security solution that is second to none.
eNetco is expected to begin distribution of the enhanced IPAD products in Japan by the end of Q4 1998.