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He says there is also the option of investing in assets which qualify for Business Property Relief, such as shareholdings listed on the Alternative Investment Market, which will be exempt from IHT if they are held two years immediately before death.
There are a number ways of reducing your exposure to IHT including ideas such as investments which qualify for IHT relief, the making of gifts during your lifetime and the use of trusts.
Insurance can also play a part in meeting eventual IHT liabilities, where other measures are not possible or appropriate.
Established in Paris in 1887, today the IHT is owned by The New York Times Company and continues to expand the reach of its authoritative journalism through the newspaper which is sold in 180 countries and via computers and mobile devices at IHT.
The impressive speaker lineup at the IHT Sports Business Summit will provide important analysis on commercial opportunities in sport, and look at vital topics from the impact of new media technologies to how globalization and the rise of the BRIC nations is reshaping the sports business landscape.
At Newcastle Financial Services Limited, we can help to explain the rules around IHT and work with you - face to face - to create a plan designed to keep your IHT liability to a minimum.
Individuals transferring property into trust during lifetime in excess of PS325,000 will generally suffer an IHT charge of 20% on that excess.
However, they must remain invested for two years to qualify for IHT relief.
The appellate judge elected IHT President is also President of the Appellate Chamber.
The IHT and RCLO did develop a durable solution to the problem of security for private defense attorneys.
Property alone has pushed more than five million people into IHT territory, with their houses valued above the pounds 285,000 threshold at which the 40 per cent tax kicks in.