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Low-performance, semi-commoditized hydrophobic materials have been used on building surfaces for years.
tetel a hydrophilic coating hydrophobic body, mikroinciziEs, plate haptic training aspheric, aberration neutral training - 400.
The review of scientific literature has shown that hydrophobic properties of materials are important to protective products.
Because general catalysts lose catalyst performance in a moist atmosphere, catalysts must be highly hydrophobic so that they can be activated even in a highly moist atmosphere.
Those eight hydrophobic patches met inside the cube," says Sleiman.
2] (15%) of commercially available hydrophobic slides.
Because both associative polymers and surfactants have hydrophobic polymolecular interactions they form polymolecular aggregates.
Aculon also owns a variety of patents that apply to hydrophobic and oleophobic promoting nanotechnology coatings.
The PPG SURFACE SEAL Quick Application Hydrophobic coating kit , developed by PPG Aerospace, can be used by general aviation aircraft operators who are not in a maintenance service location and do not have immediate access to Surface Seal coating application by a trained service professional.
Hydrophobic cosolvents had a detrimental effect on hardness development.
The wing surface is covered in micro-scale hydrophobic hairs and nano-scale star-shaped structures called "micrasters".
Hydrophobic and duck aren't two words that should go together.