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In hospital on 12th June 2015, aged 73 years, Patricia (Pat, nee Graham), beloved mam to Julie and Paul, Mark and Angela and Graham and Huyen, a special nanna to Lucy, Natalie, Christopher, James and Michael, a great nanna to Rosie, Leon and Chelsea.
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Las ultimas paginas concentran una serie de acciones y actantes que le dan un giro suplementario a la historia para que compagine con el gran final (apocaliptico): la ciudad de Monterrey arde y se hunde, destruida, mientras los protagonistas huyen hacia el sur en un final deliberadamente incierto.
Tucapel, abatido, anunciara que los suyos huyen heridos "del rayo de don Garcia" (1926).
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Otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with Capi's body," said Nguyen Thanh Huyen, a teacher.
1449, 1476-90 (2006); Huyen Pham, The Constitutional Right Not to
For instance, Huyen, a prostitute is lured into the sex trade by "romanticism, materialism, the relaxation of the rules regarding male-female interaction, the absence of sexual education, the prohibition marriage among lineage mates, arranged marriage, and the inequalities and denial of human feeling" (p.