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It is imperative that we find a solution that will curtail the use of this dreadful tactic and deprive human shield users of their current advantages, without generating a greater risk of harm to civilians.
Though the human rights group stated it could not find evidence of Hamas using civilians as human shields, it held Hamas and other Palestinian armed organizations responsible for war crimes as well and urged them to stop all rocket attacks on Israel civilian centers.
In other words, using civilians as human shields is prohibited under all circumstances.
Some of the trapped westerners, known as "Saddam's hostages" were placed as human shields at sites of strategic importance such as military bases and communications centres.
The Human Shield Movement's David Tyler said: "None of the shields wants to die but all are unwilling to sit by and wait for politicians to launch another disastrous war in their name.
The Foreign Office has now asked 113 of these former human shields, many dead or elderly, to repay part of the compensation as the United Nations Compensation Committee had miscalculated payments.
Everything is fair in love and war,' retorted Ram Madhav, the BJP's national general secretary, who is on deputation from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to the BJP, when asked for his reaction on the army using civilians as human shields in Kashmir.
He said using Dar as human shield was violation of Geneva Convention He ( Gen Bipin Rawat) is absolutely wrong.
As per patient's statement, he was on his way on a two-wheeler on the day when he was stopped by forces and beaten with stick and assault rifle for about 20 minutes and then tied to the bonnet of the vehicle as human shield,' the report states.
Prominent human rights activist, Khurram Pervez, in his post wrote that this is not the first time that army has used a civilian as human shield in Kashmir, but it has been happening for past many decades.
Hussein Kuro, Head of the Directorate of Yazidi Abductees Affairs in Dohuk province of the Kurdistan Region, said that 150 to 200 Yazidi women and children are reportedly in Fallujah now under a potential threat of being used as human shield.
In this paper, we use Israel/Palestine as a case study to examine the politics of human shielding, while focusing on the epistemic and political operations through which the deployment of the legal category of human shield legitimizes the use of lethal force.
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