house rules

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House rules

Internal rules of broker-dealer firm that govern the handling of its customers' accounts.

House Rules

Rules followed only at a certain location. For example, each stock exchange has its own rules in addition to regulations set down by a government authority.

house rules

A brokerage firm's regulations regarding customer accounts and practices. For example, the firm must establish rules concerning margin requirements, the handling of customers' checks, and good faith deposits on new accounts. House rules must be at least as strict as industry regulations require.

house rules

Everyday-conduct rules adopted by a condominium association to cover things such as hours of pool usage, number of allowable guest parking places, prohibitions against drying towels on balcony railings,and other such matters.

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Alas, it was the dampest of damp squibs; sticking strictly to the Chatham House rules I can report that a man gave his thoughts on company leadership, the London Olympics are going to cost more than pounds 2.
Attorneys from the Public Integrity Unit have offered to assist with revisions to the affirmation forms and the language of the House Rules to prevent this conduct from occurring in the future," the office said in a statement.
Representative John Joseph Moakley (D-South Boston), former dean of the Massachusetts delegation and Chairman of the House Rules Committee.
He'll also be meeting with House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, R-Glendora; and House Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands.
while claiming New York as his primary residence, he violated District of Columbia tax law and likely engaged in conduct that does not "reflect creditably on the House," in violation of House rules.
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Michael Caine, The Cider House Rules ; Tom Cruise, Magnolia ; Michael Clarke Duncan, The Green Mile ; Jude Law, The Talented Mr.
Cantor has violated House rules by using his office resources to support NCNA.
David Dreier, R-Glendora, who as chairman of the House Rules Committee decides what bills will get a vote, said he and Villaraigosa talked about ``transportation, homeland security and the need to work in a bipartisan way for the needs of Southern Californians.
Agreements and Riders: The sublettor should be required to sign a formal sublease agreement and legal acknowledgment of all house rules.
Once in the system, residents will be able to view messages from management; access staff information including work schedules; submit work orders, view corporate documents such as house rules, by-laws, and the minutes of board meetings; communicate with board members; post messages and announcements on a message board that will offer the option to reach both their neighbors in the building and the residents of all AKAM- managed properties; participate in a residents professional directory; and enjoy links to neighborhood and citywide information, weather, traffic, and travel directions.
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