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Recommended items: Pork ribs, barbecued chicken, hot links, catfish, gumbo (Friday and Saturday), smothered pork chops (Friday and Saturday), beans (red or baked), cabbage, greens, corn on the cob.
There's chicken, beef ribs, baby backs, spare ribs and hot links in addition to tri-tip.
Other features include selective cookie management, and useful Hot Links bookmarks to store favorite web sites.
However, there seems to be a more concerted emphasis on Southern food in general, dishes such as shrimp Creole, shrimp etouffe, Cajun catfish, hot links, hush puppies, jambalaya, gumbo et al.
Metropole's availability as an "immediate read" is possible because TextCafe transforms static PDF into SVG pages, multi-level table of contents, hot links, and searchable content.
It also lists buffalo chips, chili, quesadillas, crab cakes, chicken wings and fingers, mild red chilis stuffed with cream cheese and topped with shrimp, hot links, steaks, prime rib, a variety of barbecued ribs, brisket, smoked tri-tip, smoked pork roast, a variety of stuffed hot chili peppers, a veggie plate and a fresh fish of the day.
Altiris has also included hot links in Inventory Solution that link directly to the Microsoft Web site with complete up-to-date information on the latest hot fixes and security features.
Meanwhile, dealers are able to organize driver and vehicle information, analyze customer service frequency, spending patterns and demographics and develop online customer promotions that can include animated graphics and hot links back to the dealership website.