historical trading range

Historical trading range

The range of price over which a security or a commodity has traded since listing on a exchange.

Historical Trading Range

The range of prices between the highest and lowest prices at which a security has traded since its IPO.

historical trading range

The highest and lowest prices at which a security has traded since going public.
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Although this was already very high based on the PSEi's historical trading range, it said the implied earning yield of 5.
25 a share, which was a significant premium to its historical trading range.
With scrap markets enjoying the higher end of their historical trading range, the 2004 ISRI Convention is likely to draw a healthy crowd of scrap dealers, processors, brokers and consumers to Las Vegas to take part in the year's most anticipated gathering of the scrap recycling industry.
The market keeps rewarding Emmis for its sound management and business practices by keeping its stock at the top of its historical trading range.
Shareholder rights attorney Patrick Powers said, "Due to the positive performance of SeaCube, the historical trading range and other factors, we believe this transaction may undervalue SeaCube's stock.
Given near term issues, we expect the stock to continue to trade near the low end of this historical trading range.
The Anadarko transaction represents a substantial premium to our historical trading range, greatly accelerating the creation of value that we have sought on behalf of our shareholders," Howell President and Chief Executive Officer Richard K.
With the sustained increase of crude oil and natural gas prices above their historical trading range, Smith's products and services are seeing an increase in demand all markets.
As fans of the Company began to tout its limitless growth potential, and at the same time question the relevance of its historical trading range, the stock traded at a decade-high P/E multiple of 151x.
00 (44%) over the closing price of USA Mobile's common stock on December 6, 1994 and is significantly higher than the historical trading range of USA Mobile's common stock of $7- $10.
Sources include historical trading ranges, trend and volume, brokerage firm research, cash flow and present value analysis, and credit ratings and research.

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