historical cost

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Historical cost

Describes the accounting cost carried in the books and reflecting the cost of the item at the time it was purchased, rather than its current value.

Historical Cost

In the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the original cost of an asset on a balance sheet. Many assets, particularly illiquid assets, are recorded on a balance sheet according to their historical cost. A notable exception to this rule is the recording of marketable securities, which are recorded according to their market value. The historical cost usually bears little or no relationship to the market value after an asset has been held for several years.

historical cost

The amount of money that was originally used to pay for an asset. A company records assets on a balance sheet at historical cost, which often bears little relation to the market value of the assets after they have been owned several years. Also called original cost.
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In a note-book we jotted down, as had been our custom, details that would be of historical value later.
According to the Uzbek legislation, the finder of historical values receives 25% of their value if he or she passes the discovery to the state.
the National Palace of Culture - "Bulgaria" square by searching message - transmission of cultural - historical values ?
The students were apprised of the historical values of archaeological sites of Takhtbai and given a lecture about the importance of preservation of archaeological assets.
The Minister of Finance lauded the bilateral relations binding the two sisterly countries, describing the relations between the two countries as historical and emanate from common religious, cultural and historical values.
The Ohrid Agreement is not a simple political pamphlet for daily-political goals but a document with historical values," stated Ahmeti.
PORSCHE'S latest Boxster Spyder certainly weaves a complex web by reflecting both historical values and futuristic performance in one superbly engineered package.
Libya has a 2,200 km coastline, besides a beautiful sea, sun, beaches and historical values.
Daraa, northern Syria, (SANA) -- Archeology Department in Daraa city discovered on Thursday 3 cemeteries eastern Tal --al-Ashar including a number of important findings of historical values.
Durham's new book resonates with historical values and cogent dialogue about a young boy's journey into manhood while living on the plains of Kansas.
The financial statement user has far less reliable information than when a pooling combines the historical values of two entities.
Prior to this decision, Michigan had accepted computer price guides as valid evidence of historical values.

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