historical yield

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Historical yield

A measure of a mutual fund's yield over a specific period of time, e.g., 1 year, 2 year, 5 year, or year to date.

Historical Yield

A mutual fund's yield over a given period of time. The historical yield may be measured over one, two or even five years. It provides a reference for the mutual fund's current performance. For example, if the yield in year five is 4%, one might compare it to the historical yield in years one through four to see whether or not 4% is a good return on that particular mutual fund.

historical yield

The yield that a money market mutual fund has provided during a specified period. Investors frequently compare historical yields among firms when trying to select a fund to purchase. Historical yields are more useful when comparing funds than when estimating future yields.
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Historic yield gap between Prime and Secondary The investment markets remain defensive with demand for prime, low yielding properties high although supply is scarce.
Some institutions actually package the pool in "simulation" mode and apply the historic yield rate on those offers to understand if budget targets for the entering class would be exceeded.
By the time it had finished the Pru's battered shares were sporting a historic yield of eight per cent, signalling for practical purposes a view that there is something like an even chance that this year's dividends will be halved.
In 2002 Welsh farmers in lowland Wales will receive pounds 22 a hectare less for their cereals and oil seed rape crops and pounds 25 a hectare less for proteins than their colleagues across the border because the historic yield data used to calculate payments was unrepresentative.
The Commission is willing to take this on board and discuss a recalculation of the historic yield, but only if those Member States can prove that this is the case, to prevent 'shopping' for greater price cut compensation for farmers.
made up the difference based on historic yield rates of the acreage each farmer enrolled in the subsidy program.
However, on a historic yield basis shares typically bottom at levels close to where the company has now fallen.
Based on historic yields, this multi-media format is showing promise as a leading industry commodity.
The company pays dividends semi-annually, with historic yields between 4% and 8%.
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