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The degree and speed with which a market accurately incorporates information into prices.

Market Efficiency

The extent to which the price of an asset reflects all information available. Economists disagree on how efficient markets are. Followers of the efficient markets theory hold that the market efficiently deals with all information on a given security and reflects it in the price immediately, and that technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and/or any speculative investing based on those methods are useless. On the other hand, the primary observation of behavioral economics holds that investors (and people in general) make decisions on imprecise impressions and beliefs, rather than rational analysis, rendering markets somewhat inefficient to the extent that they are affected by people.


the relationship between the quantities of factor inputs (labour, materials, etc.) used by a firm and the quantity of output which it is able to produce using these inputs. Where a firm is able to produce the same output using fewer inputs or produce more output using the same quantity of inputs then it has improved its efficiency See PRODUCTIVITY.


the relationship between scarce FACTOR INPUTS and OUTPUTS of goods and services. This relationship can be measured in physical terms (TECHNOLOGICAL EFFICIENCY) or cost terms (ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY). The concept of efficiency is used as a criterion in judging how well MARKETS have allocated resources. See MARKET PERFORMANCE, RESOURCE ALLOCATION, ECONOMIZE.
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These aerospace radar systems will need highly efficient transmit amplifiers, as well as novel approaches to antenna packaging and integration, to meet requirements for multifunction performance, low mass and affordable cost.
is a technology innovator and manufacturer of highly efficient and reliable high-power diode lasers for industrial, defense, and telecommunications markets worldwide.
an innovative manufacturer of highly efficient and reliable high-power diode lasers, announced today the availability and qualification of its 4-watt, 940 nm multimode diode laser in accordance with the requirements of the Telcordia GR-468 standard.
Highly Efficient Power Conversion Portfolio Will Be Compliant With Open Communications Standard for Power-Supply Systems
Angstrom Microsystems builds highly efficient data center server and workstation solutions for the high-performance computing (HPC) market.
an innovative manufacturer of highly efficient and reliable diode lasers, today announced that it has named Pacer International and Appletec Ltd.
Layout BEAMER provides a fast, flexible and highly efficient framework for our e-Beam data prep needs," said Dr.
This new functionality provides operators with unprecedented flexibility--up to 64 compressed MPEG-2 variable bit-rate (VBR) or constant bit-rate (CBR) services can be processed and 16 DiviTrackMX pools supported in the dense and highly efficient one rack-unit (RU) ProStream 1000 platform.
With our Jazz DSP, Jazz Media and Jazz Voice families, we offer a wide breadth of options to support an ever growing range of product needs in these markets, but do so in a way that makes them highly efficient to implement in the shortest possible time with the maximum price-performance compared to traditional configurable IP," said Bryan Greear, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Improv.

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